Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Rosette Thornbriar Review

Rosette Thornbriar by Rachel Roden

I'm participating in the Three Sleeping Beauties Blog Tour. Apparently, I start out all of my blog tour posts with that sentence. Oh, well, can't break the tradition now. I was given the chance to review this lovely book, and I present that review to you now.

Once upon a time, way out west...
Back when they were young'uns, Fleur Guardstone proposed to Rosette Thornbriar with a cigar band ring. However, not long after, she disappeared back into the forest and hadn't been heard from since. However, when Fleur hears reports of smoke coming from that woods, he's determined to find out if it is, indeed, his dear Rosette. If he can get past all of the briars.

This was a very cute little book. It is surprisingly short, and only took me a couple minutes to read. Sleeping Beauty has never been my favorite fairy tale, but I was able to enjoy this retelling very much. There is something about this author's writing style, something I can't put my finger on, that is very charming. Whatever it was, I liked it a lot. This author shows a lot of promise.

My review, like the book itself, is very short. Nevertheless, it is not too short to urge you to check out this book and the other two wonderful ones in this blog tour, and read them as soon as humanly possible.

About the Author

Rachel Roden is a natural story teller, capable of weaving the most hilarious of fairy tales. She fell in love with the Lone Ranger in her teens, but ended up with a basketball referee instead. Together, she and the Ref homeschool their four children in the Piney Woods of East Texas, as well as any other odd kid who ends up in their house. She might also be the sole human who still uses math after college.

You can connect with Rachel on her blog, twitter, and Pinterest.

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