Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Movie Review: The Rocketeer

The Rocketeer by Walt Disney Home Entertainment

Recommended For: Ages 10 and up

Rating: PG (I couldn't find what it was officially for, but this is what I would rate it PG for: for violence, language, and a mildly suggestive scene [where the lady is getting in a position to knock the man out].)

After young airplane pilot Cliff Secord crashes the plane he was planning on flying to the Nationals, he is lost without a job or a plane. So when he finds a rocket jet pack in the ruined plane, he thinks he has found the answer to his all his money problems. But he soon finds himself the target for henchmen, Hollywood actor Neville Sinclair, and the FBI. 

Wow. This movie was really good.  It's not like typical superhero movies. It's much better. It's funny, it's more realistic, and once he can fly, he doesn't go around saving people all the time. He has a girl, but he has girl problems, and not the typical superhero girl problems, but more realistic ones (more man-doesn't-know-how-to-deal-with-women girl problems than superhero girl problems).

Technical: 5/5
This movie was done well. The only part where it was lacking was the CGI, and that was because the movie was made in the very early nineties. Because it was made by Disney, I'm sure the technology was the best of the times. But 1991 was 23 years ago, and technology has developed a lot in 23 years. Still, it's nothing you might see in Star Wars or Indiana Jones and is easily overlooked. One thing I do want to mention, there is one bad word in it, which is surprising for a Disney movie, but there nonetheless. And there was one scene that was mildly suggestive, but it never got beyond PG. And the lady was pretending to like the man so she could knock him out.

Setting: 5/5
This movie is set in 1938 Los Angeles. From what I know of the time period, it seemed very realistic. It really made you feel as if you were in 1938 at times. And of course, since it was 1938, there was some leading-up-to-WWII stuff in it (which may or may not have a bigger part to play in it). All in all, I think the setting was well done.

Plot: 5/5
The plot was original, let me just say. As I said before, it wasn't a typical superhero movie. It kept me on the edge of my seat, and the climax was lived up to its lead-up and surpassed it. It was well thought out and had no plot holes (that I noticed). And I like the fact that the plot contained a zeppelin.  I like zeppelins.

Character Development: 5/5
The characters are what sets this movie apart. They are so realistic. The first time Cliff uses the rocket, for instance, he's going to save a friend in danger of death. This would have been like many other superhero movies had they not thrown in the line "Stop it. I'm scared enough as it is." Cliff was perfectly willing to use the rocket jet pack that could kill him and wasn't finished being fixed and hadn't been tested to save his friend, but was also scared about it. He wasn't a dashing superhuman hero with no fears like so many others (Superman and Spiderman, for instance). And it's not just Cliff. His girlfriend, Jenny, is also very realistic. I can't elaborate because that would give spoilers, but she was very well-done, and not stupid or thick, like most women who are being deceived by the villains in movies. The characters were also very likable, Cliff and Jenny especially.

I really liked this movie. I don't see why it didn't take off when it first came out. Everyone should watch this movie, though I would caution parents with young children to watch it first. It is very intriguing and interesting. Trust me, you won't regret watching this movie.

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