Friday, March 11, 2016

Movie Review: Freaky Friday (TV version)

Freaky Friday

Rating: PG

Recommended for: Ages 10 and up

 A few days before her mother's wedding, Anna and her mother switch bodies after being given a fortune cookie with a strange prophecy on it at a Chinese restaurant. They must then figure out how to fix the problem before it is too late.

 Several days ago, we just randomly turned on this movie when flipping through the TV guide. My sister had read this book when this movie was coming out, so it caught her attention. I do have a feeling that this movie is nothing like the book, especially from some of the things we learned from looking up the book summary.

Technical: 5/5

 This movie was really well done and I thought that the acting was great. The two main actors had to do two different characters, a brat and a mom, but they both pulled it off convincingly making an amusing movie. The story flowed well and it was pretty easy to follow what exactly was going on. 

Setting: 5/5

 There is nothing really special about the setting. It was just a normal home and a school. There was also the building where the wedding rehearsal dinner was held and a place where a band contest was going on. Everything fit the story very well.

Plot: 4/5

 The story is about Anna, who is a brat. She changes bodies with her mother after getting a weird fortune cookie (from what we can tell, this is not in the book). The story follows how she and her mother get through the day after they have decided to take the others' place. The mother does do something that is wrong and very mean to another student's test. I can't think of any plot holes and it is a satisfying ending. It is not entirely explained why they switched but it makes for an amusing story.

Characters: 5/5

 As in all Disney movies, the characters are well developed. Anna is a brat but throughout the story she learns to put others first, after doing things that makes her mother upset. She does follow her mother's advice about her job, which is pretty funny. Her mother is about to get married and she worries about what will happen if they don't switch back. She does struggle some at school.

 This movie, while not entirely realistic, is a funny movie to watch and I would recommend it.


  1. We have the 1976 version with John Astin (Sean Astin's dad) and Jodi Foster. I think Miranda has seen this version, but I haven't. I usually feel iffy when it comes to remakes and sequels of older movies.

    1. I'm usually iffy about remakes too (I refuse to see the remake of The Parent Trap, it's a Hayley Mills movie, not a Lindsey Lohan movie [and yes, I realize this is a review of a Lindsey Lohan remake]), but I haven't seen any other versions and it's been FOREVER since I read the book, so I really enjoyed it.

    2. Having seen both Parent Traps, I definitely prefer the Haley Mills version as well!

  2. Even though we own(ed?) this movie, I've never seen it, though it looks interesting. I HAVE seen the original version of the movie starring Jodie ... I forget her last name. But it was interesting. And there weren't any fortune cookies in that version, either.

    1. It's pretty good. I haven't seen the original. Fortune cookies seem exclusive to this version. I'd kind of like to see the original, but this is the one that was on TV.


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