Friday, July 15, 2016

Movie Review: Harvey


Rating: G

Recommended for: Ages 10 and up (interest level)

Elwood P. Dowd is friends with a giant rabbit which no one but he can see. His sister struggles with what to do with him and finally decides to have him committed, which causes many mix-ups.

This movie follows a man who everyone thinks is crazy, since he has a friend who is a six foot tall invisible rabbit. It is a funny movie and is not too long, which can be nice sometimes.

 Technical: 4/5

This is an older movie, and the version we saw was in black and white. The acting was good and seemed mostly natural. It was definitely not as stiff as some old movies. The story line is pretty simple and easy to follow even as things get more messed up.

Setting: 5/5

There are not a ton of different places and I don't remember them saying where they lived. There is a mental hospital which they go to and a couple of places in town. The settings seem very much like the settings in other old movies.

Plot: 5/5

The story is mostly about Dowd's sister trying to get rid of Harvey so that people won't think that they are crazy. Dowd is oblivious to everything and is nice to everyone. He also brings people together, though I don't know why the nurse liked the doctor since he was always rude to her.

Characters: 5/5

Elwood P. Dowd is friendly to everyone and believes the best about people. He invites people he has hardly met to dinner and tries to introduce everyone to Harvey. His sister is very upset about Harvey, especially since she has occasionally seen him and he looks just as her brother described him. There are other characters too, which play a part in the story, especially when they learn that Dowd is the one everyone thinks is crazy.

It is hinted at that Harvey is actually real, but you only see him in a picture. It has a good ending and I would recommend it.

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