Monday, June 9, 2014

Book Review: Third Starlighter

Third Starlighter by Bryan Davis

Recommended for: 16 and up (interest level)

Rating: PG-13 (for violence and graphic injuries and medical procedures)

In this second book of the Tales of Starlight series, Adrian Masters journeys into the wilderness of the dragon planet of Starlight in search of his brother Frederick. Carrying the comatose body of Marcelle, he has to find medical help for her, but the slave master dragons will kill him on sight if he comes out of hiding.

Adrian believes Frederick has set up a wilderness refuge for escaped slaves, so he hopes to join Frederick and devise a plan to rescue the humans enslaved on Starlight. Since Adrian cannot leave Marcelle alone, her nearly lifeless body becomes an anchor, both physically and emotionally as he has to decide to care for her or attempt to rescue the slaves.

Adrian has no idea that Marcelle’s spirit has left her body and has traveled to their home planet in search of military help to rescue the slaves. She is able to materialize there in a temporary body that looks corpselike and feels icy cold. Because of her appearance, Governor Orion persecutes her as a sorceress and sentences her to burn at the stake.

This sequel to
Masters & Slayers is filled with excitement, twists and turns, and thought-provoking dilemmas, which will keep readers turning the pages. 

 Third Starlighter by Bryan Davis is an exciting story that follows two main characters as they try to find a way to free the slaves of Starlight. This fantasy story is different from most, because the characters travel from one fantasy world to another fantasy world.There are also unique things about this story, such as dragons that breathe ice.    

Writing: 4/5
This book is written in a fast-paced manner that puts you into the story. The geographical descriptions  are confusing, but he describes injuries very vividly. He also doesn't describe some of the main characters very much.

The book is set on two different fantasy worlds: Major Four (aka Darksphere) and Starlight (aka Dracon). Major Four and Starlight are both well developed and both have distinct cultures. You get to see how Major Four's government works and what kind of place the main characters are from. In this book you don't get to see much of the inhabited part of Starlight.

The story follows two characters, Adrian and Marcelle. The part about Marcelle was good and was interesting as it showed her struggle through obstacles to meet her goal. Adrian's part was interesting and exciting, but he did not have one main goal that he was trying to accomplish. I liked how you get to learn about the worlds' pasts.

Character Development:4/5
The characters were well developed and each character is unique, even the dragons. You get to know many of the new characters that are introduced in Third Starlighter. Some of the characters from the first book are in it but not focused on, and you don't get to know one character that comes in towards the end very well. 

I enjoyed reading this book. It was interesting and kept my attention, and I would recommend this book for teenagers and adults.

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