Monday, July 27, 2015

Book Review: Meet Caroline

Meet Caroline by Kathleen Ernst

Recommended for: Ages 8 and up

Rating: G

Caroline Abbott is doing what she loves most—sailing on Lake Ontario with Papa—when her world turns upside down. A British officer boards their sloop, announces that Britain and America are at war, and takes her father prisoner. As Papa is led away, Caroline promises him that she will stay strong and steady until he returns. She tries hard to keep her promise by helping Mama run the family’s shipyard. Then the British attack her village and it looks as if the American side is in trouble. Can Caroline stay steady enough to help win the day?

I found this book at Goodwill and since American Girl is getting rid of Caroline, I decided to get it and read it.

Writing: 4/5

It was written like any other American Girl book that I've read. It was, of course at an easy reading level, but it was good for the age group that it is meant for. It was interesting and didn't have unnecessary descriptions. There were some things about sailing that were put in a way that wasn't completely boring and wouldn't lose the interest of people who don't really care.

Setting: 4/5

The story is set in New York state on Lake Ontario in 1812 when the War of 1812 is just beginning. I don't know much about this time period but there was only one thing that I wondered how historically accurate it was. One thing that kept being mentioned in the story was how they got cold winters, which would be accurate. 

Plot: 4/5

The plot was simple and the story is not completely resolved at the end, since it is the first part of six. The British capture Caroline's father while they are sailing. I do know that the British were capturing American sailors at the time. I'm not sure how accurate the finale is but it wouldn't surprise me if it was accurate. 

Characters: 4/5

Caroline is a much better person than some of the other American Girl characters. She tries to be obedient to her parents and to be helpful. She also tries not to be disrespectful. Caroline is not perfect and she does make mistakes. Her parents and grandmother are loving people. At the end she gives up something that she wanted. There wasn't much time in the story to go into the other characters.

It was a good book, and I would recommend this to girls who like American Girl books.  

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