Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Movie Review: The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition

The Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition

Recommended for: Lord of the Rings fans

Rating: PG-13 (for epic battle sequences and some scary images)

 With the help of a courageous fellowship of friends and allies, Frodo embarks on a perilous mission to destroy the legendary One Ring. Hunting Frodo are servants of the Dark Lord, Sauron, the Ring's evil creator. If Sauron reclaims the Ring, Middle-earth is doomed.   

Since I have already done a review of the Fellowship of the Ring, the focus of this review will be on the extended parts. Ever since I heard that there was an extended edition I have wanted to see it. My cello teacher let me borrow it when I said that I hadn't seen it.

Technical: 4/5

All of the extended scenes were at the same quality as the rest of the movie. Some of the scenes would only have a couple of seconds of extended sections but you wouldn't know unless you had seen the regular version several times. There were still parts that were obviously done by special effects. All of the extended scenes blended very well. The actors were also in character in those scenes.

Setting: 5/5

The only different place that I can think of is a platform in the trees in the woods of Lothlorien. Since it was from a scene in the book that I liked, I was excited that they had at least a little of that scene. It seemed like the book from what I can remember. There isn't much to say about the settings, but I love all the details that they put into it.

Plot: 5/5

The plot can be a little confusing if you haven't read the books but the extended edition has some extra explanations that the regular version doesn't have, though mainly little details like the Lembas bread. There were also some added scenes that were funny, one of them being when they are having trouble entering Moria. The extended scenes make the movie more full.

Characters: 5/5

They were just as believable in the extended scenes as they were in the regular version. The extended scenes help you to get to know the characters better, especially Boromir. You also get to see Merry and Pippin be heroic in an extended battle sequence. I also loved the part where Frodo asks if Mordor is left or right. 

I loved the extended edition and it won't be easy to watch the regular version again. When I watch this movie, I realize that I have seen The Fellowship of the Ring too many times but it is still a great story about how the smallest person can make a big difference in the world. This is just the first part of the trilogy and a Two Towers review is planned. I definitely recommend this movie whether you're a fan of the books, the regular version, or if you are watching it for the first time.

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