Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Movie Review: Up


Recommended for: All ages 

Rating: PG (some peril and action)

 When Carl is forced to leave his home, he uses balloons to take his house to Paradise Falls, where he and his wife dreamed of going. He has many unexpected incidents and adventures.

 We watched this movie in the park last Saturday for probably my fourth time. This movie is hilarious and I especially love the dogs.

Technical: 5/5

 I think that the animation was done very well and I like the type of animation that they used. The characters seemed well proportioned. The story flowed very well, starting out with a prologue, which is very sad. The voice acting was also done well and they went well with the animated characters.

Setting: 4/5

 The movie starts out when Carl (the main character) is a kid and goes through his life until he is old. The neighborhood goes from a quiet street to being surrounded by large construction projects. He sails over a city and ends up in a secluded part of South America, Paradise Falls. There are not very many wild animals which is probably unrealistic.

Plot: 4/5

The way they get to South America isn't the most realistic but it is very interesting. Carl is just trying to get to Paradise Falls but a kid winds up on his porch and so he must find a way to get him home. I don't think there were any unanswered questions or plot holes. And the villain's reasons were explained, though he takes things a little too seriously.

Characters: 5/5

 Carl is suffering from a loss and is trying to fulfill a promise he made as a child. He also has to move on from things and to learn to think of others. Russell is a very talkative kid who is trying to earn his last badge because his father said that he would come to his ceremony. Russell can be annoying but he has a sad life. The dogs were very funny and were probably fun to write. Dug is almost always excited, but is not very tough and is not liked by the other dogs. They all get distracted by squirrels and the horrible punishment is being put in the cone of shame. If dogs could talk they would probably be like the dogs in this movie. Kevin is also interesting and is the cause of some of their problems.

This is a fun movie with lots of comedy and adventure and I would recommend it to groups of all ages.

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