Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Favorite: Eight Mules from Monterey

Eight Mules from Monterey by Patricia Beatty

Rating: PG

Recommended for: Ages 10 and up

 A library in a saloon? In a general store? Sounds crazy, but not to 13-year-old Fayette Ashmore's mother. During the summer of 1916, her job is to establish libraries wherever she can in the rugged country surrounding the town of Monterey, California. Escorted by a mule-driver nicknamed Possum, Mrs. Ashmore and her two children soon find themselves in all kinds of crazy situations.

 I love many of the Patricia Beatty books that I have read, especially the comedies. I don't  remember many of the details of this book but it was good and entertaining. It is also set in a time and place that you don't find much in stories.

 A letter comes from five women asking for some books and so Fayette's mother is sent to take some books. Fayette and her brother must go with their mother to deliver the book. Throughout the story, Fayette is trying to get rid of an Edgar Allan Poe book. I think she thought that it was giving them bad luck but the details are dim. I do know that she didn't like the book and didn't like it when her teacher read it. 

 They had many adventures that I can't remember but when they reach their destination, things aren't exactly what they thought they would be. I do remember enjoying this story. One thing that I love about this book and some of her other books is that it is set in the west during a period that I don't know much about.

This is a great book and I would recommend it for people who love comedies and historical fiction.

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