Monday, February 2, 2015

Book Reviews: Do You Take This Quest?

Do You Take This Quest? by Kendra Ardnek

Recommended For: All Ages

Rating: G

When Arthur's parents were lost at sea, his Uncle Mordreth became the regent for the young boy. Yet now that he's of age, Mordreth seems to have no intentions of relinquishing the throne.

It looks as though Arthur will have to fight for his throne. If only he had more than just his two servants and the old man he met in the woods for friends. So the old man takes things into his own hands and whisks Arthur off to the wedding of a fellow prince, with the intention of finding him some allies.

All is not right at the wedding, however. The groom is missing and the bride has called quits. Where's the groom? Well, he's found a new bride. Now if he can just get her home ...

I read the first book in this series a while back, and just recently, I finally got to read this one!

Writing: 5/5

The writing was good. I mean, there wasn't anything spectacular about it, but there wasn't anything unspectacular about it, either. The writing wasn't the important part. The story and the characters were. I must admit, I was frustrated when it didn't really go from Robin's point of view much in the book. But doing the beginning parts with Madeleine's POV was probably the best way it could be done while making sense.

Setting: 5/5

Bookania is a very...interesting place. It's certainly a very unique fantasy world, and Kendra has made it and the fairy tales all her own. It seems a very light-hearted world, especially when compared to Ilyon. Kendra has done very well in world-building. It's strange how if someone resembles someone else, they look almost exactly alike each other. And there's a ridiculous amount of twins. But that's all part of the world of Bookania.

Plot: 5/5

Um...I'm not exactly sure what the plot was. But whatever it was, it was really good. It's confusing, but good.

Character Development: 5/5

I enjoyed having Robin and Eric and the others back, although I would have enjoyed more of Robert and Rosamond. I like the new characters, especially Arthur. I like Madeleine, but I honestly don't see why she's Kendra's favorite character ever (Sorry, Kendra). Madeleine is a little irritating, actually. But I still like her. I enjoy Robin and Eric together. They're just so funny. And Doranna...

Do You Take This Quest? is a good book and a great continuation of the series. Anyone who has read Sew, It's a Quest should read this book.


  1. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! One bit of clarification, though, Madeleine ISN'T my favorite character ever. She's in the top ten, and she and Sam are amoung my four favorite couples, and she was my favorite character in this book (Mostly because Robin wasn't talking to me, which is why you got so little of her POV. Normally, Robin is number three.), but she isn't my favorite character of all time. That position goes to Maryanne ... who I haven't introduced yet, but I'm really looking forward to doing so rather soon (next year, maybe, hopefully!). I do understand the confusion, however.

    1. I think I thought she was your favorite ever since you said your favorite had a brother named Peter, and her name started with an M. So when I saw Madeleine...
      I can't wait to meet Maryanne and see if I like her better than I did Madeleine!

    2. But Madeleine's brother is Maxie. If you were going off of brother's names, Adelaide is the one with a Peter for a brother ...

    3. I'm not sure where she's getting it from. Madeleine only has one brother, right? Anyway, my favorite Bookania character is Eric. Is he in the top ten?

    4. Madeleine only has Maxie.

      Eric is in the top ten, and is number one for male characters. He's such a great guy to work with. The interesting thing is, he and Maryanne have very similar personalities ...

    5. That's what I thought. Addy reads so many books so fast I think she gets facts mixed up.

      Number one for male characters is awesome for Eric. He deserves it. He's a great guy period. :)

  2. I have this on my list to read and hope to get to it soon. I am so excited for it.

    1. I hope you get to it soon too. I read it when I was sick and feeling pretty bad, and I still managed to get five stars worth of enjoyment out of it. I take that as a sign it must be pretty good. :)


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