Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Favorites: The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk


 Recommended for: All ages

Rating: PG (violence)

This is the TV show from the 1970s and the early 1980s. It follows the life of Doctor David Banner as he searches for a way to cure himself after an accidental dose of gamma radiation.

I loved this show, even though every episode follows the same pattern. He would usually meet someone in trouble, help them and in the process get beaten up and turn into the hulk (usually twice). At the end of each episode he would be walking away along a road. The show got canceled before he ever found a cure. He was also followed by a reporter named Jack McGee, who was obsessed with catching the Hulk. Even though I didn't like Jack, I still wanted him to know the truth about the Hulk and to realize his mistake about David Banner.

It is a sad show about a lonely man. There are some episodes that many TV shows have, for example, an amnesia episode, which was a two parter. I especially liked the episodes where he visited his family, which was also very sad. It was funny though when you could see the green paint coming off of the Hulk. I have seen everything Incredible Hulk with Bill Bixby in it, although the TV movies weren't very good. The only disappointing thing about it was that he never got a cure and that he had to keep wandering. We were sad when we came to the end of the four with a partial fifth season. It was hard to find a show to replace it and it took several years to find one.

I would definitely recommend this show, even if you are not that into superheroes.

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