Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites: Voices at Whisper Bend

Voices at Whisper Bend by Katherine Ayres

Recommended For: Ages 10 to Adult (interest and reading level)

Rating: PG (for frightening situations)

It's 1942. America has just entered World War II, and Charlotte Campbell's brother Jim has gone to fight. Twelve-year-old Charlotte wants to help the war effort too, so she and her classmates start a scrap metal drive. when all the metal is stolen, Charlotte is furious. Her determination to catch the thief leads her out on the rain-swollen river at night. There she discovers evidence she doesn't want to find-and there she faces the fear that haunts her.

I have a confession. There is a two-fold reason for this post. One, I need to post a favorite for this week, and my mind went blank. Two, Miss Jack Lewis Baillot is giving away three copies of her book Brothers-in-Arms that isn't out yet, so for the time being the only way to get the book is through the giveaway at her website here. I want to enter as many times as possible, so that means I have to post something about World War II and link it back to her blog. Which I have. So go enter, please (or don't so I have a better chance of winning :). After racking my brain for a favorite book of mine that is about World War II, I finally remembered this awesome book. And this will have to constitute all my entries, since I see no prospect of finishing The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich before the giveaway ends.

I bought this book with birthday money years and years ago. It came in a set of History Mysteries, but this was the one I loved the most, probably because it's set during World War II, and anything set during World War II is awesome. This book is really good. It's a well-done mystery, not unrealistic like many of the mysteries I've read, and it's about World War II. Which makes it a good book. 

Anyways. It's hard to put into words why this book is one of my favorites (other than it's set during World War II).

Can you tell I love World War II?

This book has great characters. I love Charlotte, the main character, her little brother Robbie, and I like Paul Rossi, too. And as a plus, Charlotte has an older brother, although he is absent fighting in the war. All the characters in this book are very well done. And the plot is very good as well. Which is probably why I like it so much.

And it's set during World War II.

So. I really like this book, and I think anyone who likes mysteries or World War II would, too.

And sorry for the awkward post, but I really like World War II.

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