Wednesday, March 4, 2015

TV Show Review: Lab Rats

Lab Rats

Recommended For: 10 to Adult

Rating: TV-Y7

When 14-year-old Leo's mom Tasha Dooley marries billionaire inventor Donald Davenport, Leo moves up in the world, but neither he nor his mom in their wildest dreams imagine that Leo will find three bionic super-powered teenagers - Adam, Bree and Chase - living within a secret lab beneath the Davenport's expansive home. Now Leo has three older "siblings" to watch out for him while he introduces them to the outside world.

We didn't watch a movie this week because we found out the first two seasons of Lab Rats were going off Netflix on March 4, and they were getting season 3. Being as we were only half-way through Season One, we had a Lab Rats marathon in order to finish the first two seasons before they went off today.

Technical: 4/5
The special effects and acting and stuff all seem to be done pretty well, with the exception of a couple not-so-good actors, hence the point deduction. But all in all, the technical stuff seems to be done pretty well.

Setting: 5/5
The show is set mainly in Davenport's home in (I think) California and the school they go to. The setting seems well done to me, although I've never been to public school, and the school they go to is basically ruled by a psycho principal, and excepting the fact that their house is full of Davenport inventions and resides over the lab. I guess you could say the settings are very unique.

Plot: 4/5
The individual plots don't have much substance in the first season, and many of them don't have much substance in Season Two either, but they are very enjoyable, and the lack of substance matches the lack of substance in most TV shows of this kind.

Character Development: 5/5
The characters in this show are stellar. They are very well-developed. From scrawny Leo Dooley to Adam, Bree, and Chase to crazy Principal Perry to selfish money-lover Donald Davenport, all the characters are fleshed out and human. I love all the characters in this show. I must say, though, Chase is probably my favorite, of the Lab Rats at least.

This show is interesting and worth watching, though I wouldn't recommend watching 31 episodes in a week or so if you can help it.

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